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Prequel: The Wiplyre
Coming FALL/WINTER 2022 

The death of the king is imminent. 

A mysterious sickness infiltrates the royal chambers, shaking the foundation of the kingdom Jera. With uncertainty surrounding their beloved leader, the citizens scramble to find a cure, and one woman thinks she knows the answer. 

Violet Prescott never thought her obsession with folktales would be useful until the life of the king was at risk. Now, with the help of her childhood friend, Sir Rian Calhey, she travels into the Wildecairn in search of a magical plant said to fix even the most deadly of ailments.

Together, they must battle ferocious beasts and their own muddy pasts, but as they wade deeper into the forest, they discover the Wildecairn is not quite what it seems. 

The Legends of Jera

In a land shrouded with cloudy history and mysterious magic, an aspiring lady knight embarks on a journey of self discovery. A romantic fantasy tale, including found family, royalty, mythical beasts, and an epic quest across the continent.

For fans of The Crown of Olmalis.

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