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Book 1: The Serpent Lord

A princess torn between tradition and truth.


Princess Sarra of Olmalis is a vision of the future- compassionate, confident, and proud. As her kingdom settles into peace after a long civil war, she yearns to escape the shackles of expectation her father and his court place upon her.


But when she is abducted at the command of a man known only as ‘The Serpent Lord’, Sarra is led to question everything she has ever known.


Taken from the safety of her castle to the treacherous bogs and cold, stone walls of a forgotten city called Ro’al, she embarks on a journey searching for answers, intent on solving the mystery of her intriguing captor.


However, the more she learns of The Serpent Lord and his plight, the more she discovers secrets that surround her kingdom and the people who rule it. When she finally uncovers the truth, will Sarra trust her past or will she believe in her future?

The Crown of Olmalis

A romantic fantasy 4-book series that follows Princess Sarra, the heir to the royal throne of Olmalis, as she embarks on an epic journey across her kingdom. This is a tale for those who enjoy political intrigue, spicy slow burn romance, love that knows no bounds, and the mystique of magic. 

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Book 2: The Seer Princess
Coming Soon!

A princess desperate to change fate.

When nightmares become reality for Princess Sarra, her eyes are opened to the malevolence within her kingdom. Time becomes her greatest foe as she attempts to right the wrongs committed by those she calls family. With the help of unlikely allies from within her father's court, she marches to save her people, including the man she loves. But will it be enough to change the course of fate?

A man searching for purpose.

With his life's onus fulfilled, Lord Ares Vias has no further ties to the land he once called home. Now a free man, without the chains of his responsibilities, he seeks for meaning in his continued existence, unsure if any remains. When opportunity finds him, will he be able to embrace a new cause? Or will the demons he carries with him drive him further into isolation, away from a kingdom (and a princess) that still needs him?

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