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Mythic Winter:
A Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology

In the heart of Winter evil lurks and legends rise.

In the dark and cold, we cling to the hope for spring. Yet, darkness cannot be defeated without the light. When the chill of winter's shadow is upon us, we look to dreams of glory and triumph to warm our souls.

Mythic Winter collects these hopes and dreams (and, perhaps, even a few nightmares), put onto the page by some of the newest voices in science fiction and fantasy literature. Walk with us down the icy paths, the frozen forests, and across distant galaxies to discover new stories and new worlds to enrapture and enthrall you in these cold, dark months.

On these pages, you will meet:

An Orcish father, defending his family from corrupt authorities

A monster hunter facing down a demon lord plaguing the northlands

An astronaut, abandoned on a frozen Earth

A warrior committed to vengeance, even beyond the grave

And more...

Winter only triumphs if light is extinguished.

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