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You feel that you are a monster. That you should be punished. That you do not belong. Remember that you are not the only one who does not understand their place in the world. 

Sarra, Princess of Olmalis

The Seer Princess

The Crown of Olmalis, Book 2

Coming Soon!


Journey to Olmalis

Follow Princess Sarra, the heir to the royal throne of Olmalis, as she embarks on an epic journey across her kingdom. Book 1 of the Crown of Olmalis.



The Chill of winter awaits

A frosty Sci-fi/Fantasy anthology featuring the short story "The Winter Market". An illegitimate princess goes on a soul-searching journey with a knight that's hopelessly in love with her.


Welcome to the Topaz Court

The Cu Sidhe and the Cat Sidhe fight like cats and dogs to control the haunting Topaz Court. Within a war, a devastating romance brews between a Cu Sidhe princess and a Cat Sidhe rake.

About Wren Murphy

Writer of romance, fantasy, and romantic fantasy, Wren and her characters made their first appearance in her debut novel, "The Serpent Lord" in the fall of 2021. Pharmacist by day, author by night, she wears many hats, which also means she takes up most of the closet space. Obsessed with elephants, cute video games, and books with strong heroines and sexy heroes, she is also addicted to social media, much to her husband's chagrin. 

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